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The Beehive Restaurant

June 30, 2012 by admin

Date:  June 21st, 2012

Name of Establishment:  The Beehive Restaurant

Location:  30 Old Route 22  Armonk, NY 10504

Rating:  Drinkable

Order:  Old Fashioned, Makers Mark, no maraschino cherry

Price:  $10

Comments:  The first bartender left after I placed the order, not sure if there was some confusion or the end of a shift.  I placed the order again with the second bartender.  He told me its not an Old Fashioned if it doesn’t have a cherry.  His interpretation was shaken, mostly ice, and served with a straw.  This is a perfect example of why this drink can’t be ordered just anywhere.  The bartender was competent and I am sure well-trained.  But, I bet he has never actually tasted this drink.  It stands in sharp contrast to Gramercy Tavern, Mas Farmhouse, or Little Branch where you taste something special.  Best to stick to beers here.

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